RO Membranes

RO membranes are normally deployed as cross-flow filters, where the high velocity of the feed fluid along the filter keeps the flow turbulent which helps control the thickness of the solids on the filter and reduces plugging of the filter.

Filtration systems

Media filtration is a mechanical process used by waste water treatment plants. Both chemical and physical absorption proccess are used as filtration systems. The four crucial stages in media filtration are straining, sedimentation, interception, and diffusion. The last stage is inertial compaction.


Pressure Vessels are containers which are designed to hold liquids, vapors, or gases at high pressures, usually above 15 psig. Examples of common pressure vessels used in the petroleum refining and chemical processing industries include, but are not limited to, storage tanks, boilers, and heat exchangers. Each individual vessel has its own operating limits built in by design that it has to work under, refered to as its design pressure and design temperature. Operating outside of these limits could damage the equipment and potentially lead to loss of containment or catastrophic failure.


Ultrafiltration systems that are designed to reliably remove suspended solids, turbidity, bacteria, pathogens and viruses from water.

These systems are made to be economical, compact, and capable of allowing decreased plugging, and greater solids loading.

The UF membranes ensure maximum filtration performance with high flux, including the system’s resistance to chemicals and high tolerance to changing temperatures.


ISOTECH offers a complete product portfolio for water industry applications, along with the expertise of instrument consultants who understand your process and the issues that you face.

We provide measurement and control products to the water and wastewater treatment.

Dosing systems

A dosing system is a positive displacement pumps installation, designed to transport very precise flow rates of a chemical or other substance into a fluid stream. Dosing pumps are used for automating fluid flow in water treatment plants and any others applications including pharmaceutical.

RO Chemicals

ISOTECH delivers a full range of reverse osmosis chemicals, including antiscalant with the purpose of treating unwanted occurrences such as the formation of slime as a result of organic and inorganic substances that are found in water.
ISOTECH supplies high quality antiscalant which will effectively protect your membranes from fouling or scaling for a long period of time. It is important to make sure you add the RO antiscalant chemicals before reaching the reverse osmosis membranes in order to dissolve the minerals that cause fouling, such as calcium carbonate and sulfate precipitates.

Innovative supplier of water treatment and filtration products :


ISOTECH offers a portfolio of products and systems designed to effectively meet the demands and challenges of treating water and wastewater.

From smarter aeration to advanced filtration and chemical-free disinfection, ISOTECH experts evaluate the varying needs of customers and help them find the right solutions for their application.

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