July 24, 2016

Who We Are ?

We have satisfied many customers by providing a convenient way to find and purchase water treatment and filtration products. If you cannot find a particular water treatment or filtration product, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request. At IsoTech , we use innovation to meet the water needs of YOU.

Isotech is dedicated to providing innovative solutions through filtration, water and disinfection technologies. Isotech is uniquely positioned to offer the complete water purification equipment and services, and proven sterile products. We deliver value to our customers by improving product quality, reducing operating costs, protecting capital investments, and safeguarding people’s lives.

Our strategic vision encompasses an understanding of the critical role of safe drinking water in the world today.

We recognize, more than 5 million dying every year from water-related disease that indeed it is accurate to say that clean water- saves lives”.

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